Real Estate Turkey

In the late Ottoman time and with the beginnings of the Real Estate Turkish Republic, established in 1923, this structural development began and embraced a line described by its nearby and traditional character. Rather than Ottoman design, new structural components, for example, friezes were utilized in open structures amid the time of the primary engineering development, however the effect of this development stayed bound to open structures. It was both monetary and intelligent to discover level roofs and protection methods in Ankara, Istanbul and the northern districts as indicated by climatic conditions, thus, the primary time of the Republic was described by its advanced structures acclaimed for their compositional character and a large portion of them are as per the worldwide style, and gave an impression of the cutting edge tasteful guidelines, maybe the best case of plans of that time in Istanbul, the Grand mail station Ptt in the zone of Sirkeci planned by Widad Tek.

There was a need to set up state organization structures in the new capital of Ankara, yet the quantity of designers was inadequate. Thus, as right on time as 1927, designers from Europe came and took a shot at part of these tasks. The all out number of modelers and city organizers from Germany, Australia, France, and Switzerland was 40 draftsmen and organizers. A standout amongst the most striking highlights of this period is the Grand National Turkish Council structured by the Austrian designer Clemens Holzmeister.