Property in Turkey

To buy land property in Turkey, a potential dealer and purchaser must present an application to the Land Registry Office in the region where the objective land is enlisted. There are two phases to this procedure: first the pre-deal endorsement and also, the genuine title exchange. There is no contrast between Turkish residents and outside genuine individual as to the records required amid the pre-deal endorsement process. Be that as it may, it would be ideal if you note that if the buyer does not communicate in Turkish, an ensured Turkish interpreter will be required amid the title deed exchange (segment 3(b) beneath). a. Acquire endorsement for the buy from the Land Registry Office Before the property can be exchanged, the purchaser and vender must apply for and be allowed endorsement for the buy by the Land Registry Directorate. When recording such an application, the merchant and the purchaser must supply a scope of archives and pay certain charges. Contingent upon the gatherings' inclinations, they may present these reports together or independently.

The dealer (or his/her approved delegate) must give the accompanying archives to the Land Registry Directorate: (I) Identification record for the vender (ii) One photograph of the dealer taken inside the most recent a half year (iii) Title deed of the property, or data about the town/region, square, building plot, separation, (iv) Property Value Statement acquired from the pertinent district. (v) Earthquake protection arrangement for the structures (vi) If the merchant makes the application through an approved delegate, reports with respect to this approval